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We believe that science is inclusive, not exclusive.  By involving a diversity of students of all ages and backgrounds in our inclusive research environment we are striving to inspire curiosity, innovation, productivity, and collaboration.  Accordingly, our commitment to student mentoring and teaching reaches far beyond that of the traditional classroom and lab environments.  Each year, our group participates in a number of outreach programs, including on campus, in the greater PHX area, and beyond.  Through these activities, we seek to demonstrate: i) how engineering fundamentals can serve as the basic tools for research and real world problem solving, ii) that curiosity and creativity are important fuels for technological innovation, and iii) the notion that we are all truly lifelong learners.  Moreover, by exposing them to important real world problems and topical issues, we seek to empower students of all ages with the notion that their education and skills can be used as a force for change in the global community.

ASU’s Open Door – 2020

ASU’s Open Door – 2019

ASU’s Open Door – 2018

ASU’s Night of the Open Door – 2017

ASU’s Night of the Open Door – 2016

Science Detectives Day (w/ AIChE)